How young is too young for technology?

There’s been a lot of recent coverage in the UK press and on TV about whether pre-school children should have access to iPads and other devices, and discussion amongst adults on the question ‘how young is too young?’

We used Speakr to ask the 781 Primary School children in schools with registered Speakr sites what they thought.

We asked: ‘Do you think it's important to learn how to use technology devices (iPads for example) before you begin going to school?’

  • 59% said Yes
  • 23% said Not Sure
  • 16% said No

The results are a little surprising – if headlines like Three-Quarters of children want a tech present for Christmas are to be believed we were expecting that the overwhelming answer would be positive.

It’s reassuring for parents of young children struggling to make ends meet as Christmas approaches that 41% of school children don’t think it’s important to learn how to use one before starting school.

Having said that, we’re pretty sure that if you ask a child whether they wanted an iPad for Christmas they’ll say yes...